Packaging design and the combination of consumer psychology

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Good packaging like the human clothes, not only allows you to watch the spirit , leaving you looking and dynamic, to give others left a deeper impression , in other words the same product , a good product packaging materials, not only gives you Our products more beautiful, more promotion of consumer desire to buy.
According to consumer psychology research shows that consumers buy goods before has a complex mental activity, while age , sex, occupation , ethnicity, education level, social environment and other aspects of differences, divided into a number of different consumer groups and their respective consumption is not the same psychological characteristics . According to China Social Survey Office in recent years for people to consumer psychology findings , in general, consumer psychology can be summarized as the following characteristics :
1 , realistic psychological
Most of the consumers in the consumption process is mainly psychological truth that the actual effect of the most important commodities , hoping merchandise easy to use, cheap, does not deliberately pursue the aesthetic appearance and style of the novel . Holds a realistic psychological consumer groups are primarily mature consumers , wage earners , housewives and elderly consumer groups.
2 , for the United States psychological
These consumers pay attention to the shape of the goods themselves , and external packaging, pay more attention to the artistic value of goods . Holds for the United States is mainly psychological young consumer groups , intellectuals , and in such groups in the proportion of women up 75.3% . Like jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, crafts and gift industry companies need to pay more attention to product packaging options .
3 , divergent psychological
Hold divergent psychological consumer groups are primarily young people under the age of 35 . Consumer groups believe that such goods and packaging style is extremely important , pay attention to innovative, unique , personality , which requires packaging shape , color , graphics , etc. is more stylish, more avant-garde , and for the value of goods and the price level is not very care. In this consumer groups , the minor children occupy a large proportion of the package for them, sometimes even more important than themselves . These can not be ignored for consumer groups , the packaging design should highlight the " novelty" of features to meet the psychological needs of their divergent .
4 , herd mentality
Herd mentality of consumers are willing to cater to popular culture or emulate celebrity style, such consumer groups larger span of ages , because of various media on fashion and celebrity ''s great publicity to promote the formation of such a psychological behavior . To this end, packaging design should grasp the popular trend , or simply launch by consumers like the image of the spokesperson, improve product reliability .
5 , find the name of psychological
No matter what kind of consumer groups , there are certain psychological vanity fame , attention to product brand, well-known brand trust and loyalty . In the case of the economic conditions permit , gifts from industry can be easy to start, with a good packaging design establish a good brand image.

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