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What is a "fresh" skin care products
    Known: the food , the more fresh food more nutritious , but also more healthy for the body ; For medicines used during the warranty period in order to protect the patient curative medicines . Then , rub into our skin cells to absorb skin care products to make it ? Of course, to ensure that only safe and effective fresh .
    How to define "fresh" skin care products ? Before we generally believe that the closer the date of manufacture more fresh . In fact, this definition is wrong, after opening a bottle of cream to use at least two months prior to 7 days can say that the product is fresh after 53 days I''m afraid no longer considered to be fresh skin care products . Because the product has been in Kaifeng after contact with oxygen in the air and bacteria, the active ingredient in products will fail , even oxidative deterioration of bacteria, which hurt the skin , of course, you can not say that it is fresh and skin care products. So fresh skin care products are defined as those not exposed to air during use , and the opening date of manufacture when used closer to the more fresh . So , the product efficacy and safety will be guaranteed. This requires developers from the perspective of skincare packaging for ensuring product "fresh" interpretation.

    Skincare packaging innovations trends
    The pursuit of beauty is eternal human dream. 4,000 years ago , humans will use vegetable oil, animal oil, a variety of natural skin care beauty items to , and these generally make the best of the " skin care products ." In the third century BC , the Roman Empire has begun to use the cream tin box packing , then mankind has seen a strong demand for skin care , not just local materials , but the production of finished products , tin box full bloom easy to use at any time . In the Western Han Dynasty tomb also found that black and red and white decoration wooden lacquer box , used to store fat lip vermilion . Visible skin care products have become regular supplies of ancient life , this time skin care products packaging has a decorative , closer to the modern concept of skin care products packaging .
As can be seen from the above description , the ancients used to bloom skincare packaging containers varied materials , pottery , wood, jade , metal and so on. One of its decoration , the ancients of skin care products packaging has a strong sense of design , has been a breakthrough skincare bottles full bloom just as the concept of a container , trying to make the packaging container looks beautiful, with appreciation value.

    Skincare packaging transition to user-friendly design
    " Former Yan Wang Xietang old , flying into the homes of ordinary people ," as the country ''s rapid economic development , beauty products is no longer unattainable luxury , skincare has become a necessity in people''s lives . Chinese skin care products packed in oil after the most primitive clam shell packages to the white porcelain vase Green Lid " cream" packs nearly two decades, finally began to awaken , realize that skin care products packaged in skincare brand marketing plays a "silent salesman , "the key role .
Homogenization of modern skin care products make the product becomes monotonous , the concept is also good , the function is also good, the product was immediately imitated by a listing of plagiarism , resulting in the world dominate the situation. In this case , the manufacturer began to shift targets on packaging efforts, in order to achieve product differentiation , trying to occupy a place in the market competition .
Therefore, how to make the packaging convey more product information, and the ability to innovative and unique packaging suck the attention of consumers , many products stand out from the key . Breaking the traditional focus only on decorative design concepts , developers began to people-oriented, from the consumer point of view , the introduction of user-friendly product packaging. Such as plastic hose and a pressure head design skincare bottles , so that consumers in a variety of environments , easy to grip to get easy access to quantitative , convenient and considerate ; repeatedly opened and avoid digging in the cap with the process, bacteria, affect the health of consumers and bring bad influence to the brand . However, neither the hose or a pressure head design skincare bottles during use , skin care products still make contact with the air , unable to maintain fresh skin care products .

    Skincare vacuum packaging releases
    Latest popular skin care skincare concept of how to maintain product freshness, began to organic direction with no added development, many skincare companies introduced homeopathy "fresh" , "natural ", " preservative free " products. Skin care products manufacturers in the importance of protective packaging and decorative at the same time , began to focus on the development of functional skin care products packaging , the product "fresh ", "natural ", " preservative " concept worthy of the name .
    Tide , skincare packaging design concept further innovation , vacuum bottle packaging concepts to the fore. The contents of the vacuum bottle can be completely isolated from the air , to avoid contact with the air and oxidation products due to deterioration, bacteria, and its high-tech concepts improve product quality . Prevailing on the market today is driven by a cylinder vacuum bottle into an oval container plus a placement at the bottom of the piston components. Its design principle is the contraction of the metal spring , and does not allow air to enter the bottle , resulting in a vacuum, and the use of atmospheric pressure to push forward a piston bottom .
However, due to the spring force and atmospheric pressure can not give enough power , so the piston sidewall can not fit too tight, otherwise the piston will cause increased resistance is too large to move forward ; Instead, to allow the piston forward and easily prone to leakage of material circumstances , Therefore, the failure rate is very high vacuum bottle . And vacuum bottle designs piston system gives too little space left , is not conducive to the brand through the shape and decoration to shape their own unique image . Furthermore , the vacuum bottle pump pressure head system is complex in structure , the material is not conducive to recycling , the cost is relatively high.
    Although the introduction of the vacuum bottle conforms to latest trends in skin care products , can effectively protect the quality of product freshness . However, due to the vacuum bottle more complex structure , high cost is high, the current use of the vacuum bottles only a limited number of categories of products , can not be on the market in full swing, to meet the different grades of skincare packaging needs . In this case , to replace the vacuum bottle packaging design in contrast : a vacuum flask having a functional skin care products to maintain the freshness during use , and acceptable cost , packaging materials, but also with easy recovery of recyclable and .
One can imagine , this can meet the needs of different grades of consumers vacuum bottle alternatives Once there, surely favored by the market !

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