PET bottles in the beverage bottle market dominance

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PET, polyethylene terephthalate , is a part of green plastic , currently on the market almost all PET beverage bottles are used to slice the injection molding process .

      PET packaging by the United States Pepsi Cola in the 1970s, the first launch , cheap , transparency, good air tightness and compressive strength . In the early 1990s , the Japanese launched a heat-resistant PET production equipment, the PET bottles can be achieved canned heat . China uses NOTE - squeeze - pull - way stretch blow molding process produces BOPP bottles, transparency , oxygen permeability , low temperature impact resistance and barrier properties such as the direction in excess of PET packaging , is a market potential of packaging materials. Beverage containers with beverages widely popular that there will be broad market, China''s beverage packaging industry is still in its infancy, so vigorously research and development of beverage packaging has very broad prospects for development.
      Domestic PET bottle applications focused on: carbonated soft drinks , mineral water , edible oil, seasoning food , pesticide, medicine , daily chemical products, hot filling drinks, alcohol and so on. Now on the market to see a variety of edible oil, mineral water purified water category, Coke Sprite tea beverages, liquor etc. Zhuang sharp , almost all PET bottle packaging. The biggest feature is : one by Kaba Kaba rang .
PET bottles and glass bottles on a similar scale and capacity , but lighter than glass and have a better gloss, there are caps available for repeated use ; . Glass bottle packaging , although still dominant , but the glass bottle crown cap closure on a single form has changed. Now a lot of bottle caps improvements have been made in favor of a plastic bottle , more convenient to use. Some manufacturers in the crown cap sealing glass bottleneck hung a plastic cover , so that the crown can be put on the cover is opened only after repeated use of the plastic cover . At present, China introduced a wide-mouth PET bottle production rarely , partly because the demand is small ; hand in turn restricted the application of PET jars . But with the particle type and sauce food transition to high-end products , PET jars is expected to become the main form of packaging of these spices .
      All drinks on the market today branded bottles will need replacement. Glass beer bottles Plastic bottles have been changed is the international trend , beer bottles and updating its infancy , dairy beverage market to be open , the top five dairy plants in Europe have been packaged into plastic bottles.
Currently the industry two listed companies ; Zhuhai Zhongfu annual 5000000000 caps, 4 billion bottles, blank . In recent years, involved in the research and manufacture of beer bottles , the chairman Huang Lefu in China Rich List ranked 369 . Shanghai Zi Jiang annual 1.7 billion bottles, billet, 5 billion cap , was founded by Shen Wen, 89 , started to bottle Coca-Cola made in China Rich List between 20 to 80 . Two , respectively, occupy the domestic PET bottles 30% and 20 % market share.

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