Grasp the plastic bag industry market rebound opportunities and comprehensively improve the level of quality plastic bag industry

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2007 in the central government''s " good and fast " development economic policy guidelines, in accordance with the China Packaging Federation on the construction of power packaging requirements , to focus on quality changes. "Good" Lured economic operation is one of the highlights , from the blind introduction of the project , products similar to the focus on product differentiation, diversification of structure , the emergence of new development momentum , summed up in the following characteristics:
    1 plastic packaging industry market rebound opportunity to usher in recovery
    Plastic packaging industry has experienced in recent years, prices of raw materials continued to rise and coal , transport, the impact of the surge in labor costs , after adjustment , shuffling , with the market demand, raw material prices were relatively stable at a high level , the plastic packaging industry state from the bottom toward recovery momentum . According to statistics, the main packaging materials 2007 production of about 10.28 million tons , an increase of 15.4% ( of which 4.83 million tons packaging film , an increase of 7.2% ) ; woven products more than 3 million tons , an increase of 30 % ; packaging container 1.5 million tons , an increase of 15.3%. 2007 has sent the Jiangyin , Foshan, Zhejiang Great Southeast , Guangdong German crown , Zhe Jiang Fuling , Shandong Fu -dimensional soft plastic packaging and other large backbone enterprise field survey employees saw firmly grasp the business leaders of industry recovery opportunity , work hard, overcome difficulties , showing a thriving scene . Summed up the relevant business experience , summed up the main , to establish a market- driven enterprises to open up up the idea to develop a clear marketing Raiders, marketing tools and strategies to improve and standardize customer management and services, establish credit management system and back paragraph warning mechanism , and enhance market responsiveness, mobilized the enthusiasm to achieve a fundamental change in marketing philosophy .
   Among them, the woven product market rebound is particularly prominent, since 2003, raw material prices continued to rise and coal , transport, the impact of the surge in labor costs , after adjustment , shuffling , many companies went bankrupt exit the market. With the companies to reduce , while the market demand growth , relatively stable in the high raw material prices , increased production woven corporate profits rebounded good momentum . According to the statistics show: the year is expected more than 3 million tons , compared with 2006 growth of 30% , woven industry usher in a new development opportunity .
    According to the construction Packaging Association statistics, cement packaging bags in plastic woven bag laminating proportion by 70% to 85% , woven bag lightweight, durable, easy recovery and so obvious. Bottomer will gradually reduce the proportion of paper bags , plastic woven bags for packing cement demand growth stimulating effect will be more obvious. 2006 cement production is 12 million tons, consumption of laminating plastic woven bag 16000000000 / 1800000 tons . With the development of the construction industry , cement production is expected to remain 7% growth rate in 2010 will reach 1.55 billion tons of cement production , cement packaging bags Fumo 85% , the required plastic woven bag of 190 one hundred million / 2.15 million tons ; fertilizer packaging, in 2006 the national fertilizer consumption woven bag 1800000000 /28 tons. 2010 is expected to demand of the national fertilizer packaging 2600000000 / 380,000 tons ; in food packaging, along with urbanization, rapid urban population growth , and promote grain production and industrial use of grain increased demand , the urban population is expected to reach 2010 550 million people will be over 110 million tons of commodity grain demand bags ( 50 kg bags by meter ) 2200000000 / 350,000 tons ; industrial use of grain 90 million tons , the demand woven 3600000000 / 300,000 tons ; in animal feed , plastic demand was pulled , the national feed in 2005 reached 100 million tons by 2010 will reach 200 million tons , to be woven bag 8000000000 /60 tons. In addition , minerals, fruit thinning demand for plastic bags , agricultural and building color of the cloth , homespun , container bags will be rapid development. Thus, with the development of related industries , China''s woven industry is expected to usher in a new development opportunity. For enterprises should grasp the rare opportunity , ensure quality , a brand can be based on the market .
    2 new changes in product mix
    2007 , followed by the soft plastic packaging enterprises pace of market recovery and timely conduct of the product structure adjustment, resource efficiency tilted towards varieties to gather profits to achieve product differentiation , structural diversity , and achieved the maximum benefit technology . For example, Jiangyin Shengda Group companies to expand shrink film with high added value , developing antistatic film , high-definition film , resistant to cooking film , accelerate the transfer film , high light film products industrialization, funds to the ultra- fast turnaround thin films and synthetic inclined , enhancing the overall efficiency. Zhejiang Great Southeast of bopp capacitor film , Foshan Dubang base , Shaoxing Xiangyu , Shandong Fu -dimensional and other enterprises , and actively develop functional bopet; endless stream of new products , such as bopet heat-resistant film , bopet line coating film . Develop nanoscale additives bopet film applications and bopla film also made progress , will make high transparency and high strength bopet film imitation glass or alternative bulletproof glass as possible, which is the new trend bopet film .
    In addition , with the adjustment of product structure , soft plastic packaging film to the group, the scale of the development trend is very clear , survival of the fittest in the market mechanism has been initially formed , small scale , poor quality companies have largely withdrawn from the market . Therefore, many companies are currently investigating the combination of product structure , is accelerating the pace of scale , it is understood that this year has signed the introduction biaxially oriented film has 12 production lines , such as Guangdong German crown , Shaoxing Kelly , Lee Chang Quanzhou , Fuzhou Jingtai , Ningbo Keren , Fujian era, Zhejiang Cixi Ben much, Kaneda ( with Tongcheng cooperation ) , Zhe Jiang Fuling , Henan Zhongyuan industrial Park (bopet 2 reviews) , Guangdong, China industry , Jiangsu hua Lei (bopet). In addition, Wuhan Far Eastern (apet 4 lines ) is negotiating , preparing investment and nearly 10 enterprises. If the implementation plan , the new line 20 , will increase the production capacity of hundreds of tons , the new line of film thickness 18μm ~ 20μm, a width of 8m, line speed 450m/min ~ 500m/min, which the industry equipment and technical level and quality improvement is beneficial, but will biaxially oriented film industry to bring new competition in the market . Especially the new line many of them are synthetic paper production line. At present, the domestic market demand for synthetic how much ? Synthetic paper is the development direction of what ? Should be investigated fully , do not blindly launched the international level should be printable synthetic paper to use, can be copied with , this regard, we are blank , it is worth serious consideration relevant enterprises .
    3 With the new advances in energy saving
    2007 , soft plastic packaging enterprises in accordance with the national industrial policy -oriented , Daxing wind energy conservation , improve enterprise efficiency , received good results . The main approach , first, effective reform process , a reasonable adjustment of the formulation process , product quality has been optimized at the same time , optimizing the costs for enterprises strive for greater profit margins ; Second, technological innovation , efforts to promote the localization of spare parts . As with domestic chain clip to replace the original folder import chain , reduce costs ; three is the implementation of the transformation node , reduce energy consumption. Woven companies also take a variety of effective ways of energy saving , received good results .
    ( A ) on the transformation of old-fashioned drawing machine , wire drawing machine heating plate is used by the electric wire heating method , not only the heating time is long , low efficiency, high power consumption , the production cost is high ; instead of electromagnetic heating equipment, saving 38% .
    ( 2 ) elimination of high energy park looms and wire drawing machine, using energy efficient garden looms and wire drawing machine .
    ( 3 ) to strengthen energy conservation management effectiveness ;
     Large hollow molded container container manufacturing enterprises and greater potential for energy-saving technologies . Wherein the hydraulic and pneumatic systems of raw materials and manufacturing modules parison injection , mold opening and closing operation of the control and additional energy is a key part of the transformation can greatly save power consumption . While developing multi-point radial thickness of servo control system technology can reduce the weight of products , both energy consumption and improve production efficiency, in this regard QC Future presses plant new innovations , and achieved good results.
      4 . Export trade has a new development , but it faces the pressure of anti-dumping
      2007 soft plastic packaging materials bopp, bopet films are exploring foreign markets, maintained a good momentum of growth , but the anti -dumping pressure of the main problems restricting exports , the European Union following the September 2006 decision to impose on China''s exports to the EU of up to 128 bags .8 % of the anti -dumping tax, again in March 2007 to start anti -dumping interim review investigation ; another major export markets for the United States following the 2004 Chinese origin made of polyethylene bags of 0.29% ~ 77.33% anti-dumping after the final ruling , and in March 2007 on the polyethylene bag to make the final ruling of anti-dumping administrative review , ruling dumping margins of up to 77.57% . Plastic woven bags, composite bags, FIBC increase in exports , but currently facing anti-dumping pressure. In mid- July 2007 , the U.S. Department of Commerce decided to implement composite woven in China anti-dumping and countervailing investigation , the U.S. International Trade Commission statistics: 2004 ~ 2006 U.S. imports from China were 11,100 tons laminated woven sacks , 15,100 tons and 19,900 tons , respectively, $ 17,560,000 , $ 27,650,000 and $ 39,720,000 . Export enterprises frequent victims of foreign anti-dumping , product competitiveness will be further weakened. This situation deserves our attention and actively responding . How to avoid trade barriers , expand exports, to seriously study.
     In addition, the June 18, 2007 the state has adopted new export tax rebate policy , plastic raw materials and products from the original 11 %, 13% down to 5% uniform . July 23 the Ministry of Commerce , General Administration of Customs jointly released a new batch processing trade restricted directory , from August 23 to implement such goods from the state bank deposit account subject to special control . The move will have a certain impact on small businesses , many rely on the processing trade of small businesses survive due to a shortage of funds or closed down due to increased costs , thus promoting the industry to re -shuffle , and adjust the product structure and layout . Conducive to the adjustment of the export commodity structure , control low value-added , low-tech gold exports , and promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade and related industry product structure adjustment . For large enterprises, funds have little effect , but it should be more investments in technology , enhance independent R & D capabilities , increase value-added products . Woven products business in this area is particularly prominent , they raise the grade of plastic woven bags , FIBC multifunctional development , development of special dedicated band market. Harbin Tung Hing Packaging R & D wood woven fabric packaging , the use of intumescent flame retardant technology , flame retardants applied to woven outer layer encountered flame gas formed when carbon foam layer plays insulation, gas , smoke suppression effect . Meanwhile , the inner coat black wood tilt also prevents cracking, contraction and expansion , adding insect repellents may pest control mildew , this feature woven international market demand, have been exported to Canada. Again, large-scale development of Xinjiang cotton packaging bags, packaging and end use a cotton long history of steel strapping , Muling City Master Plastics special bags for export development , new investment 200 million yuan , 300 million plastic woven bag items upcoming production .
     5 speed plastic food packaging , containers and tools market access system process
     From July 18, 2006 AQSIQ introduced plastic food packaging containers tools market access system has been to improve the quality of plastic food packaging products played an active role , but because of many manufacturing enterprises , there are imperfections in the relevant standard office, reporting procedures and reporting methods have no small difficulty . Thus, in January 2007 - the end of June only 169 certified companies , and some companies on the market access system also who wait and see attitude . To this end, AQSIQ also issued a supplemental notice of production license rules to adjust and supplement. Authorities in various geological and related plastic packaging business efforts, to the end of 2007 certified unit has more than 1,000 . AQSIQ also stipulates that from 1 January 2008 onwards, without the plastic food packaging containers tools and other products production license production of the product shall prove the importance of this work , the relevant enterprises to raise awareness, active Authentication , accelerate the process of admission . Fundamentally change the past loose and unstable quality of the business model . From strengthening quality management

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