Bags typographical aspects to consider

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On the design of the bags, carefully point we found that some of the packaging is very similar, but gives us the feeling is very different, which is not only the effectiveness of color, pattern, because even similar colors and patterns, but if useddifferent text layout or size, color, etc., is a far cry from the impact.

We purchase goods, bags above text is the information about products, so we put this attention, or more, so the text above in bags in addition to design, the layout of the text processing to form a package image is another important factor. The arrangement not only to pay attention to the relationship between words, also note from row to row, and the relationship between the groups. The typographical bags is a whole different direction, location, size, surface considerations. Therefore, can be generated in the form of more abundant than the general book loaded and ad text changes.

In addition to attention to the adjustment of the thickness, kerning, area, arrangement, spacing and kerning to have a clear distinction. Standard text layout is generally the line spacing for three-quarters of the character height, the decorative change text relationship can be flexible.

The basic requirements of the text layout and design of the bags according to the attributes of the contents of the text itself, the primary and secondary, from the overall grasp choreography focus. The so-called focus does not necessarily mean a local choreography overall image of a trend or a specialty.

Speaking on the changes in the style of presentation is variable, there is no certain mode, but can be divided into the following common types: horizontal forms, vertical form, the form of circular row, conformal form ladder forms varied forms of grass row form of the concentrated form of the corresponding form of repeated form of pictographic form of the axis in the form. Addition to the separate use of various forms can also be combined with each other to use the evolution of a more organized form of out can be used in the actual orchestration.

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